DIY Speech Therapy

Welcome to DIY Speech Therapy! Here, qualified and experienced speech-
language pathologists teach people how to provide speech, language or reading therapy for themselves or their children.

What is DIY Speech Therapy?
DIY Speech Therapy is an organization dedicated to providing an affordable
education and instruction to individuals and parents so that they can remediate speech, language or reading deficits themselves at ¼ of the cost of traditional, private speech or language therapy. Continued guidance, instruction, materials, and support are provided throughout the course of treatment.

Who needs DIY Speech Therapy?
DIY Speech Therapy is the ideal solution for families who homeschool their
children and wish to make speech, language or reading treatment a part of their child’s curriculum. Parents are provided with detailed instructions and materials needed in order to implement effective therapy at home.

The DIY Speech Therapy process is also an excellent solution for children in need of speech and language services, but are not receiving treatment from their private or public school. We at DIY Speech Therapy believe that every child deserves the opportunity to learn how to communicate and express themselves to the best of their ability. Without these opportunities, children may become frustrated and struggle in school. DIY Speech Therapy provides an affordable and effective alternative for ALL children to meet their full potential.

DIY Speech Therapy is the perfect answer for individuals who have long standing speech, language, or reading difficulties that have not been resolved over time. Sometimes, traditional or private therapy may not be an option for these individuals due to time or cost constraints. DIY Speech Therapy allows you to work from the privacy of your own home, at your own pace, affordably.

Where does the DIY Speech Therapy process take place?
DIY Speech Therapy is able to connect with clients all over the world via the web and/or over the phone.

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